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    ProSoft's flagship lab product is Lab Manager, a software package that was created specifically for Histocompatibility, Immunology, and Transplantation Labs. We didn't create this package working in a vacuum. We enlisted some of the nations premier doctors, lab managers, and technologists and listened carefully to what they told us. This software was developed by working very closely with both U.S. and foreign HLA and ASHI communities, along with one of the leading U.S. Labs, ClinImmune in Aurora, Colorado. ProSoft has solicited feedback from lab professionals worldwide. This extensive R&D and collaboration effort worldwide is what makes Lab Manager so versatile. For lab technologists and directors everywhere, this is the package you have been waiting for!

 Lab Manager  



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  Finally, a logical and affordable way to simplify all the manual record keeping and multiple spreadsheets that exist around your clinical lab. Our Lab Manager provides organization and total data management for you and all your staff!