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Features Overview


Tracks all standard demographic information about Patients in an easy to read database.

Search for Patients by their ID Number, Name, SSN/ID Number , Phone, or Medical Record Number.

Tracks Donor/Recipient relationships and displays all donors for any selected recipient. User selects the relationship type between donor/recipient using convenient pull-down combo boxes.

Supports unlimited relationship definitions such as Grandparent/Grandchild, Sibling, etc.

Tracks patient Height and Weight in both English and metric units.

Allows for multiple race entries for each patient from a user-defined pull down list.

Stores patients Dialysis site (location) and type of Dialysis Method received.

Unlimited comments may be added for each patient.

Tracks patients current PRA Status and logs any changes made to this status field (e.g. Active, Inactive, Removed etc.

Can easily view or print entire PRA history from the Patient screen.

Can quickly view all samples logged in for any one patient by clicking on Samples Tab.

Maintains unlimited transplant history and allows user to enter comments for each one.

You can utilize 10 of your own user-defined fields and screen labels for the Patients to suit your own labs specific needs.

Enter unlimited cross match tests between groups of samples you select. Track the cross match source, cross match type, as well as the results.

Stores all patient Transplant event history and unlimited medical comments.


Automatic sequential accession number of samples, selectable in two modes, with or without the current year as a prefix (user selectable option).

Search for any Sample by Sample number, proficiency number or Accession number.

Every sample logged in is linked to a Bill -To Name/Address for billing.

Ability to enter a Due date for tracking samples that need to be finished by a specific date.

Stores date received in lab, date/time added to file, date tested, date due, date reviewed, date paid, , and date/time of the last edit.

Tracks which lab employee received sample, added it to file, and last edited the data.

Will track all proficiency samples along with their unique proficiency sample number for cross-referencing back to provider’s information.

Tracks two separate requestor names per sample from a user defined Requestors database. Allows for easy reporting back to the person(s) requesting the sample tests. No need to re-enter names repeatedly.

Easily enter all test result data via the Samples screen.

You can add a unlimited number of your own lab services (tests), each having a unique identifier, cost, GL Code, and full alpha description for reporting and billing. Each service may be discounted a fixed percentage based on predefined agreements with the Bill-To entity or on the fly as you are posting.

Supports and tracks all no-charge billings.

Allows for Flat rate billing, one set price regardless of number of tests performed.

Define your own Extracted Sample Type codes such as Concentrated Blood, Thawed RBC Pellet etc.

Unlimited Serological comments per sample.

Serological results entered are validated against internal tables that are user maintained.

Unlimited PRA tests per Sample with pull down for Test Type and entry of %PRA, Pos./Neg., Class I or II, Panel Call Class 1 or II.

Unlimited DNA extractions per sample tracking Sample type, 260/280, %Yield, Best Extraction and whether DNA remaining is gone.

Molecular results and syntax are validated at data entry to prevent typos. Entries are then validated against user maintained DNA Allele tables to prevent allele errors.

Unlimited Molecular comments per sample.

Sample’s freezer location is logged so you can easily locate any serum sample. Tracks the shelf, rack, box, and position as well. All locations are predefined by user at setup to prevent typing mistakes from giving erroneous information.

Enter a final review date and select the reviewer’s name from pull down box. Final interpretations can be manually typed or selected from a stored template menu. Templates are pre-defined comments with blanks left for interpretation data to be inputted.

PRA Samples

Monthly PRA Samples can be logged quickly and efficiently.  FAST-PRA login sytem allows you to quickly select from the repeat monthly  Patients list and add a Sample using predefined templates.  Testing instructions, on a per patient basis, show up clearly next to the patient for techs review.

PRA results posting is also expedient.  Designed especially for labs that have 600+ samples arriving each month that need to enter results quickly. Sort by Tray ID for quick location of Sample or Patient ID.


Stores full names, address, and phone of all your known requesters. Saves time repeatedly typing this information in for each new sample.

Tracks the Requesters organ specialty for custom reporting.

Keeps track of the requestor’s institution affiliation as well.

You can quickly browse all Samples for any one requester.

Enter unlimited comments for each requester in the Requester maintenance screen.

Billable Services

Define unlimited billable services with your own codes and descriptions. Enter a standard cost, unit of measure, and list price for each test/service you provide. A user entered GL-Code allows Lab Manager to tie in to other financial systems or institution reporting.

Easy pull downs in sample billing prevent user data input errors or incorrect pricing.

All Bill-To names and addresses are stored in the database one time, no need to reenter information for every new sample that is logged in.

Allows users to see what samples are open and logged in and which are past due.

Build your own predefined groups of tests and name them. Then with one easy click add the entire group of tests to a Sample when its logged in.

Supports flat rate pricing for Groups of Tests.

NEW! User can create unlimited services/tests and customize what type of results can be posted for each test. Prevents users from entering erroneous data such as numbers rather then POS/NEG. For numeric results, you can define the minimum, maximum and decimal  places allowed.

Work Assignment

You can easily view all Samples either logged in or due for a particular date range.

View all Samples that have not been preliminary or final reviewed.

View open tests by assigned technologist, or grouped by Test Type required.

Print the schedule book by test type or by technologist to assign work.

Reassign work on the fly by simply click on the Assigned to field.


Reports preview first to your screen, then you may optionally print them or export the data.

You may customize or create your own reports using the industry standard report writer, Seagate Crystal Reports®.

You may add any custom reports you create directly onto the HLA Lab Manager™ menu. This ends switching between software products trying to gather all the information you need.

All reports may be E-Mailed right from the printing screen by clicking on our Export icon!

You can export all reports directly to DIF, XLS, DBF, HTML, WKS, Rich Text, Tab Delimited, or ASCII Text format directly from the Print screen. It’s easy, even if you have no knowledge of Microsoft Access®.

Scope Interfaces

We have written scope interfaces that allow you to view your data directly from your existing scope files even on another PC or a file server. Please contact ProSoft with your scope model and software version for details on interfacing your system with the HLA Lab Manager.

User Configurable

Here’s a partial list of the user-defined tables, which you maintain and are then used by all lab employees to maintain data integrity in the data entry process:

Patient Diagnosis Codes

Dialysis Methods

Extraction Sample Types

Extraction Methods

HLA Purpose Codes

Sample Sources

Stored Sample Types

Storage Locations

Organ Names

Race Types

Comment Templates


Cross Match Results

Cross Match Sources

Cross Match Types

PRA Test Types

PRA Status

Molecular Allele Tables

Sero Antigen Tables

Transplant Events

Tests/Services and Allowable Results


Every user must log on with a unique Username and Password.

Each user can be assigned or denied authority to each functional module, such as Patients, Samples, Services, Reports, Bill-To’s, Requester’s, Utilities, Billing Menu, etc.

A user can be assigned read-only authority so they cannot change any data, only view it.

Only users designated as Administrators may modify the setup tables and rules.

Once Final Reviewed, a Sample cannot be changed unless you have Administrative privileges.

The last user who changes a patient or sample record is automatically recorded along with the date and time of the last edit. The system also keeps track of the date and date the information was first added and by whom.


Easy to operate, familiar Windows® based "point and click" interface.

Utilizes a standard Microsoft Access® database behind the screens for easy data exchange with other software and report writers. (Note: Only database is Access®, all screens are compiled.)

Data is easily compatible with Microsoft Word® for custom letter writing and mail merges.

Network compatible on Microsoft Windows®. Main database file can reside on an Windows Server® or a client PC  shared as Peer –to-Peer.

Multiple users can access and share files at simultaneously.


Pentium 4 - 2GHZ or Higher PC recommended with 2G RAM or more

200 MB available disk space for programs and data files, 80 MB if only programs.

VGA monitor at 1024 x 768  resolution or higher

Microsoft Windows  XP operating systems.

Network Card if running as Multi-User

Optional: Crystal Reports® if you want to create your own custom reports. Highly recommended!

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