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  This web page provides you with a short visual tour of Lab Manager. Please take a moment and review the details in the following screens. We are confident you'll agree that Lab Manager will help you get better control over your labs data! If you don't see something you need, email us and we will try and put the feature in our next version. Please note that this is not all of the screens within the software.

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The Log On Screen

Main Menu


Samples Screen 1 of 12

Samples Screen 2 of 12

Samples Screen 3 of 12

Samples Screen 4 of 12

Samples Screen 5 of 12

Samples Screen 6 of 12

Samples Screen 7 of 12

Samples Screen 8 of 12

Samples Screen 9 of 12

Samples Screen 10 of 12

Samples Screen 11 of 12

Samples Screen 12 of 12

Sample Templates


Patient Screen - Gen. Info

Patient Screen 2 - PRA Info

Patient Screen 3 - Samples 

Patient Screen 4 - Events

Patient Screen 5 - Donor/Recipient

Patient Screen 6 - Crossmatch

Patient Screen 7 - User Defined Fields

Patient Screen 8 - Consensus

Patient Screen 9 - Comments

Patient Screen 10 - Other

Patient Screen 11 - Tracking

Patient Screen 12 - Docs

Patient Templates


PRA Login

PRA Posting 1

PRA Posting 2


Reports Menu

Report Administrator


Lab Tests/Services

Lab Services

Service Groups


Work Load Schedule 1 - Samples

Work Load Schedule 2  - Posting

Work Load Schedule 3 - PRA Bulk Reviews

Work Load Schedule 4 - Work Reports


Billing Menu


Bill To Administration


Clinics Administration



General Administration

Admin Tables

System Utilities 1

Active Users

System Configuration

User Administration/Security



Home Up