ProSoft News


Lab Manager V7.0 Released - Jan 2010

    Added change tracking to serological and molecular Patient/Sample Information.

    Users can now store molecular typing comments in the Sample Templates.

    Added highlight colors on the find patient feature. When found, the Patient record is highlighted with a green bar horizontally. Subsequent clicks of "find next" are also shown in green. If user clicks off the matched record, the highlight bar goes back to normal color.

    Patient search has been enhanced. The software now automatically detects if the user is typing a Patient ID, a Sample Number, a DOB, or Name etc.

   A new Category Code field was added to Samples to allow user to sort needed lab services by tests that are related to one another by having same Category Code.

    PRA results can now be posted as "Weak Pos" as well as Positive or Negative.

    Individual Lab tests performed on a Sample can now have user defined Status Codes to indicate what the "current status" of the test is. Status codes are maintained by your System Administrator. 

    Individual Lab tests can be prioritized with a CODE in the Samples screen. This way certain tests can be flagged to be completed before others.     

    The Unacceptable/Positive Antigens screen (launched from patients/sample screens) will now allow the user to enter a space delimited string, a comma delimited string, or a single allele entry into the SUBMIT field at the bottom for parsing.

    Added a new patient country field, with a pulldown selection option, and increased the size of the address and city fields.

    Added a new Country administrations screen.

    Enhanced the adding Patient with template feature. If Patient is added with a name in the Template the software will leave user in edit mode on the new name.

    Whenever a Sample or Patient is updated via applying a Template, the last Template name applied and used is now being recorded.

    The following screens now can be sorted by any column by clicking that columns header (toggles ascending/descending with each subsequent click) :

1)      Molecular Allele Table Administration

2)      HLA Antigens Administration

3)      Predefined Test Results Text

4)      Clinic Events

5)      Comments

6)      Diagnosis Codes

7)      Dialysis Methods

8)      Event Categories

9)      Extraction Methods

10)    Extraction Types

11)    Storage Locations

12)    Neg/Pos Result Descriptions

13)    Organ Names

14)    Patient Status Codes

15)    PRA Activity Types

16)    PRA Test Types

17)    Purpose Codes

18)    Race Types

19)    Relationships

20)    Sample Flags

21)    Sample Sources

22)    Sample Types

23)    Service Category Codes

24)    Stored Sample Types

25)    Patient Events

26)    Users List

27)    Crossmatch Types

28)    Crossmatch Results


     Added 10 new User Defined Report fields to allow user to launch up to 10 Custom Reports directly from within the software.  A unlimited number of reports can be run from outside Lab Manager.


Lab Manager V6.0 Released - Jan 2009

    Added 10 new User Defined Report fields to allow user to launch up to 10 Custom Reports directly from within the software.  A unlimited number of reports can be run from outside Lab Manager.

    Resized all screens to 1024 x 728 resolution.  800 x 600 is no longer supported.

    Added a new "Sero Negotiation" button on Samples / Molecular Results. When launched, this screen launches a new Serological Equivalency Negotiation screen. Based on the current values for Molecular entries for the sample, the user is given choices for possible serological equivalents.

    Added new features to Clinics. User can now configure special "Clinic Events" and then add them to Clinics accordingly as they occur. This allows them to track/report such things as shipments, phone calls, emails etc. that were sent/received from a Clinic.

    Added support for  8 more custom user defined patient reports.

    Patient events recorded can now be linked to a particular Clinic.

    Similar or related Patient or Clinic events can now be grouped by using a Category Code.

    Added a entirely new subsystem called "External Documents".  When a Patient or a Sample is added, a corresponding data folder is created in a pre-defined network location, which corresponds by having the same name as the PATIENTID or SAMPLE NUMBER respectively. These folders are then used by the end-user to store “external documents” (of any type) which the lab uses as supporting information to the patient of sample.  The document names can then be viewed from the Sample and Patient screens by a new tab labeled “DOCS”.  When the user double clicks one of these “external documents” Lab Manager will instruct the PC to open it with whatever the default associated program is (eg. a .doc file may launch Word®,  a PDF file may launch Adobe Reader®.)  Lab Manager does not specify what program to use, it acts just as though the user had manually browsed to this folder on a server share and double clicked the file.

    Clinic History comments has now been expanded to allow unlimited comments.

    Added 4 new buttons and ability to launch 4 custom user defined Clinic Reports from Clinics screen.

    Added a new button to the Patients Screen and the Samples Screen (DOCS tab). The button is labeled “Add Document”. This button allows the user to open a file browser window and select a file from any external source and then bring a copy of that file back into the Lab Manager Docs system.

    WORK/POST screens have been enhanced so they load faster.


 Lab Manager Update V5.3 Released - Fall 2006

Date Due Offset feature – automatically add X days to current date to create a projected due date for the Samples tests to be completed.

Two new user-defined buttons which allow for launching custom reports directly from the Samples Screen. 

New Comment filters to make it easier to group and select predefined comments.

Added support for DPA1-1 and DPA1-2.

Faster entry/selection of multiple tests for bulk PRA logins each month.

Two new user-customized Billing Reprint reports (Summary and Detailed).

User can now customize the screen labels for User Defined Fields on the Samples screen.

Automatically add default Requester information when logging new Samples using templates feature.

Fast-Add Patient and Samples using scanned barcodes which launch predefined templates.

Automatically add a predefined group of tests to a Sample as soon as it’s logged/created using a template.

Added tracking for date of the IMGT Library used for sequencing. Any new Sample added will receive this date stamp.

Store/edit user defined comments for each and every allele. Double clicking on any allele entry field on the Serological tab of Samples launches a new “Allele Comment Screen” which allows user to view/edit the comment portion of that particular allele value (eg. Comments for A*0101)

Users will receive a warning if the choose a allele that’s marked as  “INACTIVE” as per the administrative tables. This way a user cannot enter a perfectly valid allele that is technically in an “INACTIVE” state.