ProSoft Services


   At ProSoft, we pride ourselves on being flexible. We understand that our clients think "out of the box" like we do. When the "off the shelf packages" just  won't do then ProSoft developers make solutions that will! Call us for assistance. We can tailor our packages to make them work the same way your lab does!

Custom Software

   We have developed a wide variety of software packages for a diverse clientele. We can create custom packages, small or large, stand-alone or network ready for Windows. We develop graphical software packages for Windows in OOP (Object Oriented Languages) using state of the art client/server tools and development platforms.  At ProSoft, we never say "never".  Give us the challenge, and we will find the way to meet it.

Data Conversions

   ProSoft has a extensive history in data conversions. Not just the simple projects, such as straight database to database. We convert data files and packages that at times are entirely dissimilar. We create small, custom conversion utilities that allow businesses to "transform" data between different environments which have different logical data structures and meanings. Sometimes data cannot be converted in a "straight" fashion. Quite often fields names and purpose are entirely different when switching to a new software package. Our clients rely on ProSoft to get the data migrated to that new platform and apply all the business logic rules necessary to make it happen.           

   If you have existing lab data that would require conversion into the HLA Lab Manager System please give us a call. We would be happy to quote on a project that would make the transformation painless.