About Us


The ProSoft Mission

  At ProSoft, we realize that although most Clinical  labs work in a similar fashion in their testing and procedures, each one has their own unique way of operating. Our mission is quite simple. To provide the very best, affordable, Lab Software for the Clinical Lab and Histocompatibility community tailored to the exacting needs of each lab. We don't force our clients to conform to "pre-packaged" software rules. We tailor software to assist them in better managing their lab data the way they want to. Best of all, we listen! We operate on a simple philosophy similar to a User's Group. What all the lab director's and technologists wish for we try to deliver in our next release!

Company Profile

  Founded by John Freed, ProSoft has 25 years experience developing and delivering customized software solutions for multiple vertical markets. We began writing PC code when the first IBM PC's arrived with 2 floppy disk drives and haven't stopped since! We have a vast experience in database design and multiple programming languages, as well as being versed in all hardware platforms. The main thrust of our current software products are all Object Oriented, Windows based, graphical programs. 

We have built very loyal customer relations based upon a simple premise:

  "First and foremost, listen to what the customer needs. Then deliver custom tailored software that fills those needs and exceeds all expectations......"

3 East Pine St.

Granville, NY 12832